Monday, April 30, 2007

Picture Messages in SMS - Another Update

I've created a (very crude) bitmap editor so I can make a 72x28 pixel OTA bitmap. It flickers like crazy when you're editing, but it gives me enough functionality to prove that Esendex's SendWDPService can be used to send SMS picture messages.

I drew a square in my editor and sent the message with some custom text. I've noticed that the £ (sterling) sign came through as a $ (dollar), so there's some encoding problem there, but mainly I'm happy with what I've got.

Now I need to package up this solution so it can actually be used somewhere. I'll probably write a Codeproject article on it when I finally get around to making it work simply.


Anonymous said...

can you please post your code how you used the SendWDPService from Java? Thanks.

Ian Dykes said...

It's funny you should ask, as we've had a support call raised for this recently.

All the tests I've been doing have been from C# using Visual Studio to add a Web Reference, so I don't have code immediately available for Java.

The problem currently being encountered with Java is that the SendWDPService uses Soap Headers, and adding a Web Service Client through Netbeans doesn't seem to read this requirement from the WSDL.

Nick is currently looking into getting Java classes created that work with headers, but to ease this we may have to create a version of this service that doesn't require the headers.

I'll write a post when Nick comes up with a solution.