Thursday, July 26, 2007

Download XNA Card Game Code

Please feel free to download the code for the card game I wrote in XNA. It's not the best card game to play, and I have no idea whether the code is correct from a gaming point of view, but if you want to take a look at a possible way of developing a card game, then you're welcome to take a look.

If you're looking to write a card game and you need card graphics, then some are included in the download for you to use.

If anyone finds it useful then please let me know. The 3D game idea I had has fallen through a little as I can't find any free software that will allow me to create my own simple 3D models. If anyone knows of one I can use, then let me know about that as well.


Zygote said...

Sweet! Do you have any screen shots?

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Ian Dykes said...

Haven't got anything at the moment. I'll take some either this weekend or early next week.

Thanks for the interest

Anonymous said...

Check out Blender, it is a great for creating models. And it's free.

Laxika said...

I'll check this out. :) Love the card games. (Play and Develop... :))