Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Can't find gacutil in .Net 2.0

The .Net Redistributable no longer contains Gacutil.exe, so if you need it somewhere that you can't install the SDK then just copy the gacutil.exe and gacutil.exe.config files to it.

If this sounds familiar I have blogged about it before, but looking through my Google Analytics keywords people are searching for this topic but not spending enough time on the page to read the answer (unless people can read that post in less than 2 seconds).

I know I tend to babble though (this is a blog after all, and not technical documentation), so hopefully this quick post with the information right at the top will help those people in a rush and need the information in bold type.

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Anonymous said...

I know its five years later, but thanks for posting this. This is the simplest solution to this problem that I've seen out there.