Friday, June 08, 2007

Random Musings of American TV

A voice over at the end of King of Queens just said "Closed captioning is bought to you by" followed by an advert which said "An Azo tablet a day keeps the yeast infection away" Pleasant.

I pity anyone who's been taking the diabetes drug called Avandia, which has apparently been linked to heart problems. There's an advert running very other break today. A really forceful voice shouts "Have you or a loved one taken Avania and had a heart attack or died from a heart related illness?! If so call 1-800-BAD-DRUG for a free consultation!" If you hadn't had a heart attack before, you probably would after hearing that.

The PBS channel on my hotel TV has been playing without sound for 3 days now. Not that I mind, I've not seen anything there I want to watch yet.

News channels here are all over the story that Paris Hilton has been released from jail after only 3 days. I guess no one cares about finding Kelsey Smith's killer now. I had to look online to get an update on what was going on.

It's Hurricane Week on The Weather Channel. No hurricanes are forecast though. Wonder what they're covering after the scheduled storm has failed to show up on time.

The strangest things get censored. I've heard the word "ass" get bleeped out, yet it's ok to show three witches casting a spell that causes a man to burn in front of your eyes in a TV show on at 6pm.

Is there really any call for a TV channel devoted solely to golf?

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