Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Stupidity of the Collective

I left work a little later than usual today, and so when I finally got onto the motorway the traffic was lighter than I normally have to drive through. Although I say "lighter" it was still busy, and I had to wait a few minutes before I could get into the outside lane to overtake a pair of lorries seemingly dancing together in the first two lanes.

The middle lane was clear after I passed, so I moved into that, and a little while later the first lane was clear, so I moved into that.

It was then that I realised the outside lane was pretty much bumper to bumper. The middle lane was clear, and the first lane that I was in was flowing smoothly at just under 70mph. The outside lane on the other hand was stumbling along at probably around 60mph, and the cars were so close that people had to keep braking, which was causing a traffic shockwave as far back as I could see in my mirror.

Why were these people in that lane? I have no idea really, but it must be for a similar reason to why cars try to overtake people when the next lane is going no faster than the one they're leaving.

Don't these people know that life in the fast lane doesn't always get them to their final destination any quicker? I mean, just look at Keith Richards..... ;)

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