Thursday, October 11, 2007

Visualising Logs - Progress Report

Just a short one as it's getting late now. I've continued a little with my XNA log viewer mentioned previously.

I've set up a mock application that generates logs on command, and I've set up log4net in the same way you would if you wanted to look at the logs in Chainsaw. So this fires off UDP packets containing the entry in XML. I've then got a class that listens asynchronously to a socket. When it receives data it deserialises it to an object, and then raises an event.

My XNA "game" has one of these socket listening classes, and provides an event handler to receive the logs.

On screen right now I'm just scrolling the messages. To do this I have a GameComponent that contains a rough implementation of a generic circular queue. The contents of this queue are drawn to the screen, and as it's always wrapping around, it gives the effect of scrolling without having to move the position of the string.

Next I need to figure out how I want the logs to be visualised.

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