Friday, May 18, 2007

ASP.Net AJAX v1.0 Versioning

One of the reasons behind migrating to the .Net 2.0 Framework was to allow us to use more of the newer features of ASP.Net, such as AJAX. We've been trialing a few AJAX features, such as the AutoCompleteExtender, and was happy with the tests on one development machine so tried to build on another one to do some work in parallel.

Everything went OK until we got to the new page and got a Parser Error saying that the ScriptManager "does not have a public property named 'EnablePageMethods'." The same code worked on another development machine.

The version numbers of the System.Web.Extensions assembly was the same on both machines: 1.0.61025.0, but we had the Release Candidate version of the System.Web.Extensions assembly, while the other machine had the full version--yet the version numbers of the assembly were exactly the same!

Installing the full version solved the problem we were having, but I can't figure out why those assemblies have the same version number! It was clear we had something wrong but discarded the possibility of a version mismatch because the version numbers were the same.

Not the easiest of problems to resolve, but we're moving forward now

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