Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Packed Tech Ed Schedule

After reading a few tips for Tech Ed first timers I went back to the schedule builder and started to select every session that looked interesting, both for myself and for Esendex. Adam's given me a few pointers for some potentially interesting sessions too.

I've now got a schedule where pretty much every time slot is filled, and most are filled with more than one. I've got a choice of about 4 at one time in places. Tuesday is looking particularly busy.

I was going to post the schedule I had, but I don't really have time right now to copy the sessions I've got planned. If anyone knows of an easy way to publish or save these sessions then let me know.

Thursday's 4.30pm session should be interesting too: "DEV344 Microsoft XNA Game Studio Express: Creating Your First Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360 Game".

I've already created my first XNA game, and am well on the way to my second, so maybe I won't learn much. But the session is rated as a 300 difficulty, which should mean that it's more advanced than just an introduction.

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