Thursday, May 24, 2007

First Stab at Pong in XNA

Pong was probably not a great choice as an ongoing XNA project after all. I know what I said about the possibility of adding different features, but Pong doesn't really offer itself up as an interesting game that is going to be able to grab my attention for long enough to make something more of it.

So for now I'm done with it I think. It's playable, and relatively challenging. It keeps score and certainly looks quite retro in its black and white styling, but doesn't really do much else right now.

UPDATE: Changed the download location to something I have control over :)

For the time being you can download the code for the game if you want. Please read the readme.txt file as it explains a few things.

And please excuse my lack of knowledge when it comes to free file hosting, I just wanted something quick so I could upload the zip file. I might put the file somewhere else in the future.

I know that Ziggy wanted to download my first card game too, and I'll try to get that uploaded over the weekend.

But for my next project I think I'll try something new, no more copying existing games.

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