Tuesday, September 25, 2007

RTF to HTML and the GData API

Finally got around to properly extracting the RTF conversion code from AutoFormatter last night. It turned out to be as easy as I thought, after last time's wasted efforts. I've had a look on Robert Verpalen's blog for some contact details, but I can't find any and the AutoFormatter post doesn't seem to allow comments.

I might have to leave a comment on another one of his other posts, but the date on the AutoFormatter post is December 2005, so I don't know if he's maintaining it now. Doesn't seem to be any posts since then about the application anyway.

I think I'll wait until I have something usable first though.

Anyway, with that extracted I downloaded the GData API SDK and tried to connect to my blog. The sample code included is very helpful, but it still took a little time to get my head around. I eventually knocked up some code that would add a new draft to my blog, so I think I have everything I need to make the plugin now.

Now I just need to learn about how to make a decent plugin.

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