Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Visual Studio 2005 Automation Samples

Guess I should have looked at creating a Visual Studio plugin first rather than figuring out how to convert RTF to HTML. I might not need to do that judging by the description of one of the Visual Studio 2005 Automation Samples:

Generate HTML
This sample demonstrates how to take text from the editor window and build a HTML file using this text, including font and color syntax highlighting information.

Haven't downloaded this yet, but I will do. Sounds like the Blogger code upload plugin could be quite easy to implement.

I found this page linked from the Customize and Extend Visual Studio page on MSDN.

UPDATE: Ahh, the Generate HTML sample is actually in C++, not C#. Should still be able to use it as a guide though, just need to figure out what objects to use.

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