Wednesday, September 19, 2007

RTF to HTML: AutoFormatter 2.0

Visual Studio copies code from the editor in RTF format, so technically all you need to do is convert RTF to HTML in order to upload it to a blog post, which will form part of the plugin, if I ever get around to making it.

Looking around last night I found AutoFormatter 2.0. This is a .Net 2.0 application written in C# that does a neat job of doing exactly what I need. The HTML it produces is in a scrolling DIV, formatted in Visual Studio colours, and looks quite nice.

In fact, as a standalone application this is just what I need to post code samples, but I started down this path to try the GData API with a Visual Studio plugin. I'm hoping to use part of AutoFormatter to do it though.

If I can extract the conversion code from the AutoFormatter app into a standalone assembly, then theoretically I should be able to use it from the plugin. The code is available for download, and I made a start at extracting the required elements last night. If I can get this working then that's a big chunk of the work done I think.

I'll get in touch with AutoFormatter's author if I manage to get the core functionality extracted to a separate assembly. Hope he doesn't mind.

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